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Mandate of Redirection or Notification
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Redirection Portal:

Mandate of Redirection / Notification

You are still an employee at TU Dresden? Please login: Login

Please keep in mind: This service is not available for students and guests.[1]

To change your mandate of redirection or notification, you have to login using your registered e-mail address. Insert it into the field below and request an e-mail with your persoanl login link afterwards. Please also check your junk folder.

Using the login link you get access to change your data or quit your mandate early. Please be aware, that the gotten login link will be invalid after you used it or after 12 hours. Instead you have to request a new login link.

[1] Why is this service not available for me?
When you leave the closed user group of the TU Dresden, your right to continue using your TU e-mail address expires. You are not entitled to lifelong use, nor is it permissible to forward incoming e-mails from your TU mailbox to an external address.
If there is a justified need, there is the possibility of using the ZIH login as guest login in future.

Last modified: 02.06.2023 04:37

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